ATPL(A) – Finanzierung

Finanzierung (ATPL)

  • Medical 1
  • Hochschulreife
  • Deutsch Level C1 des GER

Flight Instructor Rating

Ausbildung zum Flight Instructor FI(A)

Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License PPL(A)

Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating IR(A) ab PPL(A)

Information for Parents

Parents usually consider their daughter’s or son’s career aspiration as a pilot an exceptional choice. Hiermit versuchen wir, Ihnen als Eltern Informationen zu geben. On this site, we are trying to provide you, as parents, with the information you need to be able to deal with your child’s career wish. In addition, this information should […]

Modular ATPL Program

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) modular

Integrated ATPL Programm

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)