FFH Technik GmbH

Maintenance of Our Own Fleet and Other Aircraft


Also established in FFH’s founding year of 1964, FFH Technik has been an inherent part of FFH for more than 50 years. In-house maintenance of our aircraft allows us to coordinate the maintenance works ourselves and avoid long down-times. The crew of FFH Technik carries out regular inspections and repairs such as the replacement of engines. FFH Technik also offers apprenticeships and hires one trainee per year.

In addition, we also service aircraft of other aircraft operators.

Maintenance of our Part 145 (DE.145.0167) Maintenance Station and Part-M (DE.MG.0167) CAMO encompasses the following aircraft types:


Cessna: C152, C172 und C182

Piper: PA 28-161/181, PA 28 R(T)-201(T), PA 31, PA 34 und PA 44

Mooney: M20B bis M20S/M22